Astute Insider Track

The team at Astute Strategist has 30 years of investment experience. We’ve not only survived the most volatile market environments in history, we’ve thrived.

Astute 12

Our core service. We provide a new stock opportunity each month and all the subsequent trade adjustments to hedge away any downside risk, while simultaneously maximizing your capital appreciation. Allocate your portfolio as you see fit to benefit from our inherently supercharged diversification.


Our bonus service takes advantage of elevated volatility in the six biggest hitters. Whenever we find a juicy opportunity, we’ll deliver these ripe, low-hanging fruits straight to your inbox.

Earnings Beat

Every quarter, we take the market’s pulse and never miss a beat. We construct trades that put you in a position to take advantage of reported beats and misses before they happen. We make sure you’re poised not just to get your head in the game, but to get ahead of the game.