• Real Time & Near Real Time Disaster Information Services

  • Climatological, Geophysical, Hydrological, Biological, Technological & Manmade Disasters

    Natural & Manmade Disasters

Centralized and Artificial Intelligence


Mayday.ai is a centralized and artificial intelligence based platform providing real time and near real time disaster information services. We offer services to governmental, commercial & residential subscribers.
Our Mission: Help save lives, reduce costs of disasters, and provide pertinent disaster information when needed most.
Disaster services include active shooter, avalanche, earthquake, environment pollution, explosion, fire, flood, hazmat, landslide, nuclear, technological disaster, tsunami, volcano, weather warning, and wildfire.

BEST IN CLASS DATA FUSION to enable an industry first AI Automated Detection Engine - built from the ground up


We have over 200 GEO and LEO Satellites, 32000 AI Enabled Traffic Cameras + EDGE AI technology, Drones available on Demand, Social Media Sentiment Analysis (Twitter), and IP 911

Traffic Cameras

Over 32000 Global Traffic Cameras with Object Detection Capability, EDGE AI on Premise detection


A large constellation of drones available on Demand for Reconnaissance, Event Detection, and Risk Mapping


Multilingual Natural Language Processing with Twitter

Natural Language Processing

Multilingual Natural Language Processing with Live 911 and Emergency Audio and Text

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Residential & Commercial



Disaster Notifications for up to 5 locations. Mayday Info: Pets, Pool, Special Needs profile



Disaster Notifications for up to 5 locations. Mayday Info: Pet, Pools, Special Needs help, Hazardous Material profile