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Mayday.ai is a centralized and artificial intelligence based platform providing real time and near real time disaster information services.

We provide early warning and two-way communication services within the same ecosystem by leveraging  Satellite Imagery (Geostationary, Polar), Camera Imagery, 911, as well as Social Media Sentiment analysis.

Our mission is to help save lives, reduce costs & effects of disasters, and democratize pertinent disaster information when needed most. We help communities become resilient by providing continuous risk awareness.

Our service offerings are available for Government Agencies, First Response, Utility, Insurance & Residential subscribers.


Real Time Disaster Information Services

Real time detection for early notification & management


Natural & Manmade Disasters

Climatological, Geophysical, Hydrological, Biological, Technological & Manmade Disasters


Over 200 + Data Sources

Geostationary & Orbital Satellites, Drones, Data Aggregators, Sensors, & Social Media

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