Cartoons & Illustrations Vol.1


300 of Graham’s funniest cartoons and illustrations spanning 30 years.
But that not all! Read funny stories of being a cartoonist in New York, learn Graham’s story and see step-by-step how an idea turns into a finished published cartoon and much more!


“Graham’s cartoons are wonderfully inventive, and he shares his world with us in so many different ways. He can be wacky, clever, and often poetic. Something for everyone!” —Liza Donnelly, staff cartoonist, New Yorker, Magazine, TED speaker,

Forbes writer

“Graham’s cartoons and wit make me grin, wince, groan and giggle. I’m never sure what to expect from his twisted, sardonic mind except coffee-spitting entertainment. Sure, he has light moments, but it’s his down and dirty satire that keeps me coming back for more!”—Sandee Beyerle, Managing Editor, Funny Times

“Graham Sale’s cartoons are crispy, pithy, surprising, elegant, tasty, sophisticated, stylish, clever, beautiful, provocative, pertinent, outrageous, timely, perceptive, revolutionary, and above all, absolutely hilarious!”

—Randall Enos, National Lampoon, New York Times, The Nation, Rolling Stone, The Atlantic

“I bought your cartoon book yesterday. It has been a sad weekend for me because I had to put my dog down.

Your cartoons have made me laugh so hard I also cried tears of joy. I am going through it slowly because each cartoon makes me laugh so hard I get side cramps. The one that says, “Boneless Chuck” had me laughing for five minutes! Thank you for sharing your talent and humor and for making me smile.” —Kelly Lehman


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