Does This Bone Make Me Look Fat?

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The most hilarious dog cartoons on the planet! Includes all Graham’s dog card cartoons you see here plus many more! Best gift ever for any dog lover! (125 pages. Full color)


“Graham’s humor and keen observation into the wacky world of canines and the humans who adore them will have you
laughing out loud page after page. Like the unconditional love of our furry companions; If you love dogs, Graham’s book,

“Does This Bone Make Me Look Fat?” does not disappoint!”

– Eileen McCarthy

“Graham Sale is a great cartoonist. His wit is just as sharp with our canine friends as it is with politics and social commentary.
I laughed so hard I nearly peed on the neighborhood fire hydrant.”
–David Ferrell, Los Angeles Times, author of the dark comedy novel Screwball.


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